Asheville, NC

Est. 2011

In 2009 Walt and Luke Dickinson sat at a craft beer bar and talked about the dream of opening their own brewery focusing on big, West Coast hoppy ales and authentic Belgian ales brewed to inspire those who drank them. There would be no looking back. Over the next two years, a preliminary business plan was developed and test batches were brewed.

In 2011 Walt and Luke’s lifelong friend Ryan Guthy and his parents Rick and Denise all sat down at the Guthy’s house in the mountains of Western North Carolina to taste Luke and Walt’s creations while discussing ideas and strategies for what would become Wicked Weed Brewing. After discussing and weeks of thoughtful research and soul searching the Guthys joined the Dickinsons.

Wicked Weed Brewing found a home at 91 Biltmore Avenue, a building that seemed destined for a brewery. So from the humble beginning of a hardware store basement, the dream of the brewery came to life.

We are focused on drinkability and boundary pushing recipes tempered only by quality of craft. Wicked Weed Brewing will always evolve, always grow, and always aspire to be better.

Available In

Adams, Berks, Bucks, Carbon, Chester, Cumberland, Dauphin, Delaware, Franklin, Lackawanna,
Lancaster, Lebanon, Lehigh, Luzerne, Monroe, Montgomery, Northampton, Perry, Philadelphia, Pike, Schuylkill,
Susquehanna, Wayne, Wyoming, York counties

Beer NameBeer StyleABV%Available SizesRelease Dates
PerniciousIPA7.312oz. NR, 1/6BBL, 1/2BBL
Napoleon Complex Hoppy Pale Ale512oz. Cans, 1/6BBL, 1/2BBL
Lieutenant DankIPA6.512oz. Cans, 1/6BBL, 1/2BBL
LunaticBelgian-style Blonde Ale6.512oz. Cans, 1/6BBL, 1/2BBL
Freak of NatureDIPA8.5500mL NR, 1/6BBL, 1/2BBL
CoolcumberGolden Ale with Cucumbers, Basil & Juniper Berries5.512oz. NR, 1/6BBLSeasonal
Hop BurglarIPA with Blood Orange & Grapefruit712oz. NR, 1/6BBLSeasonal
Hop CocoaPorter with Chocolate6.512oz. NR, 1/6BBLSeasonal
PacificmostGose with Guava & Mango4.112oz. Cans, 1/6BBL, 1/2BBLSeasonal
CalimostGose with Grapefruit & Honey4.112oz. Cans, 1/6BBL, 1/2BBLSeasonal
TropicmostGose with Passionfruit4.112oz. Cans, 1/6BBL, 1/2BBLSeasonal
AichaWild Ale with Green Tea & Jasmine6.4500mL NR, 1/6BBL
AmorousBA Massively Dry-Hopped Sour IPA7500mL NR, 1/6BBL
ArcanicBA Belgian-Style Ale with Plums, Currants & Belgian Candy Sugar12.1500mL NR, 1/6BBL
El ParaisoImperial Coffee Stout Ale with Coffee & Cocoa Nibs9.5500mL NR, 1/6BBL
BA El ParaisoBA Imperial Coffee Stout Ale with Coffee & Cocoa Nibs10.3500mL NR, 1/6BBL
BA French ToastImperial Stout Brewed Cinnamon, Vanilla & Maple Syrup10500mL NR, 1/6BBL
BedeviledBelgian-Style Golden Ale9500mL NR, 1/6BBL
BombadileBrett Farmhouse Ale with Strawberries4.2500mL NR, 1/6BBL
BotanicaBA American Sour Ale with Strawberry & Rhubarb7.2500mL NR, 1/6BBL
BrettaberryFarmhouse Ale with Berries & Honey5.5500mL NR, 1/6BBL
BrettabolicBrettanomyces Farmhouse Ale5.9500mL NR, 1/6BBL
BrettacentFarmhouse Ale with Brettanomyces6.5500mL NR, 1/6BBL
DallianceBA American Sour Ale with Red Currants5.4500mL NR, 1/6BBL
Dark AgeBourbon BA Imperial Stout10.5500mL NR, 1/6BBL
DevilwoodBourbon BA Belgian-Style Ale10500mL NR, 1/6BBL
Ferme de Grand-péreBrett Farmhouse Ale with Marionberries7500mL NR, 1/6BBL
Fille de FermeBrett Farmhouse Ale with Honeysuckle & Fresh Orange Zest4.1500mL NR, 1/6BBL
Garcon de FermeBrett Farmhouse Ale with Peaches6.2500mL NR, 1/6BBL
GenesisBlonde Sour Ale with Tropical Fruit6.6500mL NR, 1/6BBL
GuajavaBA American Sour Ale with Guava6.6500mL NR, 1/6BBL
Gin BA CoolcumberBA Golden Ale with Cucumbers, Basil & Juniper Berries9500mL NR, 1/6BBL
Khatta MasalaBA American Sour Ale with Mango & Spices7.7500mL NR, 1/6BBL
La Bonte FigBrett Farmhouse Ale with Fig6.5500mL NR, 1/6BBL
La Bonte PearBrett Farmhouse Ale with Pear6.5500mL NR, 1/6BBL
La Bonte PlumBrett Farmhouse Ale with Plum6.5500mL NR, 1/6BBL
MaliceBrett Farmhouse Ale with Blood Oranges, Tamarind, Lime Zest & Ancho Chiles6500mL NR, 1/6BBL
MarinaAmerican Sour Ale with Peaches & Apricots6.5500mL NR, 1/6BBL
MedoraAmerican Sour with Blackberries & Raspberries6.6500mL NR, 1/6BBL
MetatropicsBrett Farmhouse Ale with Pineapple, Passionfruit, Mango & Grapefruit6.2500mL NR, 1/6BBL
MontmarrettoBA Sour with Montmorency Cherries & Almonds6.9500mL NR, 1/6BBL
OblivionSour Red Ale in Wine Barrels with Blackberries & Dates8.7500mL NR, 1/6BBL
Old FashionedBA Ale Brewed with Oranges & Cherries10500mL NR, 1/6BBL
OmnipresenceBA American Sour Ale with Cabernet Grapes9500mL NR, 1/6BBL
PermeoBA American Sour Ale with Passionfruit & Lychee6.4500mL NR, 1/6BBL
PersistenceBA American Sour Ale with Cherries9500mL NR, 1/6BBL
PlainsdealerBourbon BA American Sour Ale with Lemon Zest8500mL NR, 1/6BBL
RecurrantAmerican Sour Ale with Black Currants7.6500mL NR, 1/6BBL
Rubus ViolaBA American Sour Ale with Boysenberries & Violet7.6500mL NR, 1/6BBL
SilencioBourbon BA Black Sour Ale with Coffee & Vanilla7.4500mL NR, 1/6BBL
Southern AmbrosiaBA Ale Brewed with Cherries, Molasses, Blackberries & Serrano Peppers10500mL NR, 1/6BBL
XibalbaImperial Pumpkin Ale with Cocoa Nibs, Chiles & Spice8.2500mL NR, 1/6BBL