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Divide, CO

Est. 2012

Every beer that Paradox Beer Company produces is barrel-aged and bottle-conditioned.

In 2012, Jeff, Brian and David, equipped with over 30 years of combined professional brewing experience, founded Paradox Beer Company. Paradox Beer Company produces original and rare beers which   honor  the  uncertainty  of nature bound with rigorous quality testing, providing one-of-a-kind flavors that could only be produced by Paradox. The rich mountain terroir ha  allowed Paradox to harvest, propagate and now inoculate our beers with our own house-grown Brettanomyces. The Paradox beer brewery operate in a production facility high up in the Colorado mountains.

Paradox beers are lovingly created using a hands-on process that involves painstaking testing for the specific qualities the brewing team seeks in its exceptional beers. Using base recipes developed through years of experience, each grain bill is explicitly selected by the Paradox beer brewing team. The beer then rests in barrels for a minimum of four months and up to several years before it is carefully blended and infused with the perfect enhancements to arrive at the signature flavors for which Paradox is known.

The brewers periodically sample every barrel to see if more aging is needed and whether it meets high standards for taste and character. They then select the barrels based on the barrels’ unique characteristics to blend and craft the final product. In the spirit of vintage farmhouse brewing   techniques originating from Belgium and France, Paradox aims to summon outstanding beers by combining natural, old-world  style  brewing  processes and complementing them with modern brewing technology.  Paradox’s wayward beers undergo an exclusive poly-microbial fermentation process involving a combination of intentional and spontaneous fermentation by the usual suspects like Brettanomyces, Saccharomyces, Lactobacillus, Pediococcus as well as indigenous and feral yeasts.

Available In

Adams, Berks, Bucks, Carbon, Chester, Cumberland, Dauphin, Delaware, Franklin, Juniata, Lackawanna,
Lancaster, Lebanon, Lehigh, Luzerne, Monroe, Montgomery, Northampton, Perry, Philadelphia, Pike, Schuylkill,
Susquehanna, Wayne, Wyoming, York counties
Beer NameBeer StyleABV%Available SizesRelease Dates
Tart NoireAmerican Wild Ale716.9oz. NR
Honey, Genmai GunpowderFarmhouse Ale with Green Tea816.9oz. NR
Cerveza ProvisionalAmerican Wild Ale7.516.9oz. NR
Future KnowledgeFarmhouse Ale6.616.9oz. NR
#38 - Fruit LupulinDry Hopped Sour Ale with Tangerine and Grapefruit716.9oz. NR
#39 - Salty LemonsSour Golden Ale with Lemons & Sea Salt7.616.9oz. NR
#41 - Blood RootedSour Golden Ale with Ginger Root and Blood Oranges7.716.9oz. NR
#45 - Salty MelonsSour Golden Ale with Watermelon & Sea Salt BA in Oak Wine8.216.9oz. NR
#46 - Osa FrambuesaSour Brown Ale with Red Raspberries8.316.9oz. NR
#47 - Blue BinesWild Sour Dry Hopped Golden Ale Brewed With Blueberries Aged in Oak Wine Barrels7.616.9oz. NR
#49 - High BiscusWild Sour Golden Ale brewed with High Biscus, Tangerine peel, and Lemondrop Hops7.516.9oz. NR
#50 - StrawbasilWild Sour Golden Ale Brewed with Strawberries and Thai Basil Aged in Wine Barrels7.716.9oz. NR